January 14, 2024 Area Assembly Documents

Delegate handout  BILINGUAL

Delegate report & highlights - ENGLISH   --    SPANISH

February 11, 2024 ASC

Delegate report and highlights - ENGLISH --  SPANISH

Agenda Items Review Sessions
Session Schedule

2024 GSC
Preliminary List

EN-GSC Preliminary List of Agenda Items-Dec2023
SP-74 CSG Puntos de Agenda-Dec2023

2024 GSC
Final Conference Agenda Items

Agenda items:  ENGLISH

Puntos de Agenda:  SPANISH

Conference Background Status as of Feb 16, 2024:  ENGLISH

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Young Peoples Video Project

Young People’s Video Project
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Pacific Region trustee reports.

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Highlights from AAWS Dec 2023

Highlights from AAWS December 8, 2023  ENGLISH.

Puntos sobresalientes de AAWS 8 de diciembre de 2023   SPANISH.

MSCA 09 Pre-Conference Assembly Information
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Committee Sharing Session

WHEN: 3rd Thursday of Every Month
WHERE: “Virtual Only”
Meeting ID: 873 6607 8505
Passcode: Area09p74
6:00pm—7:00pm-pst SERVICE STUDY

Latest News and Updates from G.S.O.

Young People's Video

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PRAASA 2024 
Feb 29 – Mar 3, 2024


What Happens at PRAASA
The Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly is a mix of panel presentations, roundtable discussions, open mic sharing, and speakers. Many attendees also come for the great fellowship and bonding that takes place with others from the same service Area and with new friends made from other Areas. Topics for the presentations and sharing are focused on general service. PRAASA is held prior to the General Service Conference and includes topics that will be discussed at the upcoming conference along with issues that are of interest to members involved in general service. Roundtables provide an opportunity for members to discuss topics with people who have the same service position, like the Corrections or DCM and GSR roundtables, or who are interested in a particular topic such as Newsletter, Grapevine or Information Technology. Come join over 1000 excited AA members from all over the Pacific Region and be part of this unforgettable event!


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More Information:

July 12-14PacificWestgate Resort & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada
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