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MSCA District 11

Cities in District: Big Bear, Bloomington, Blue Jay, Colton, Crestline, Fontana, Grand Terrace, Highland, Lake Arrowhead, Loma Linda, Rialto, Running Springs, San Bernardino
Correspondence & Donations: P.O. Box 1874 Colton, CA 92324
Central Office: Inland Empire Central Office 897 Via Lata, Suite A Colton, CA 92324  tel. 909-825-4700

District Meeting Times and Locations

Third Sunday of every month 11:00 a.m. Arid Club 4113 N. Serra Way San Bernardino, CA

District Trusted Servants (2012 - 2013)

DCMC - Phil L.
Alt. DCMC - David A.
Secretary - Veronica M.
Treasurer - Suzanne C.
Registrar - Ron E.
DCM - Doug S.
DCM - Joseph H.

Chair/ Special Needs - Cynthia N.
Chair/Corrections - Esperansa L.
Chair/Archives - Joseph H.
Chair/CPC/PI - Ron E.
Chair/GSR School - Suzanne C.
Liason/Inland Empire Convention - Acela O.

AA Group Change Form

Officers and DCMs (2006-2007):

DCMC....Chris F
Alt DCMC:....Joseph
Treasurer.... Iris
DCM for Fontana Area.... Patrick
DCM for Mountain Area.... vacant
DCM for San Bernardino.... vacant

Committee Chairs (2006-2007):

CPC....Nancy E
Literature....Chris F
GSR School....Patrick
Convention Liasion....vacant
Intergroup Liaison....Nancy E
Treatment Facilities....X-Ray
Special Needs....vacant

District Trusted Servants (2005)

Patrick C, DCMC
Joseph H, Alt.DCMC, Archives
Mary T, Secretary and GSR, Inland Group
Olivia P, Registrar, Alt.GSR for Inland Group
Diane L, PI Chair, GSR for Colton Noon
Pattie E, GSR for Monday noon
Ray H, GSR for Wed Kaiser speaker
Nancy E, Intergroup Liason
Chris F, GSR Highland Roundtable
Alberto G, GSR Indian Spirit
James W, GSR Primary Purpose
Wayne R, GSR Rainbow Group
Alyx Mc, GSR Altitude Adjustment Group Big Bear
Ryan F, GSR Comm.Center Redlands
Synthia W, GSR 630 Attitude Adjustment Fontana
Carmen N, GSR Mountain Area
Bob N, DCM, Big Bear Group