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Literature Committee

Let Literature Carry the Message, Too.

Today, as in the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous, the A.A. message of recovery from alcoholism is carried by one alcoholic taking to another. However, since the. publication of the first edition of the Big Book in 1939, literature has played an important role in spreading the A.A. message and imparting information about the A.A. Twelve step program of recovery. -- Taken from the A.A. Guidelines on Literature from N.Y.


A. Inform groups, Districts, and Area Assembly members—through displays and other suitable methods—of all available Conference-approved literature, audiovisual material and other special items.

B. Encourage A.A. members to read and purchase A.A. Conference-approved literature.

C. Develop, revise, translate and publish Mid-Southern California Area Literature that the Literature Committee is responsible for in order to strengthen A.A. as a whole and carry the A.A. message the best way possible in our own particular Area. Other M.S.C.A. standing committees have the same responsibility for their own literature.

D. The Literature Committee provides review and editing services when requested from other Committee’s for their literature.

Current Projects:
500 English and 500 Spanish What's it All About pamphlets were distributed at the December ASC. The Spanish and English Committees are working a downloadable version can be printed to regular 8.5 x 11 paper in the next few weeks. The 2009 Workbook is completed and master copies with a Word version on disk was given to all districts, officers and committees (that requested them), a PDF version was submitted to the communications committee to be posted on the website.

The current Literature Display is in poor condition and needs replacing, we are looking into a new display and are discussing costs.