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District Committee Member (DCM) School Committee

For the past two years the District Committee Member (DCM) School has been discussing DCM topics including visiting the Home Group, and developing service pieces to assist the DCMs in their visits to the Home Groups. The discussions have also included the DCM's relationship to the District and the Area. There is a description in the DCM School Guidelines for the DCM School Committee Cochair and Alternate, and the Spanish speaking Area members are invited to participate in every way. Please come out to the DCM School Committee meetings at the Area Service Committee (ASC) Meetings and Assemblies on Sundays where it meets from 10:15 to 11:30. All DCMs/DCMCs are invited to bring problems and solutions to our Committee meeting.

Good communication and cooperation among groups, districts, and the Area is an essential, for the informed group conscience of a District to be passed to the Delegate and the Area Committees. This and many other duties help the Delegate and keep the Districts and Area healthy, and are the job of the DCM and the DCMC. There is little Information available to a person entering this position. Therefore Area 09 MSCA established the DCM School Standing Committee, enlisting the experience of former and current DCM's and DCMC's to:

A. Conduct the DCM School to provide helpful information to Mid-Southern California Area DCM's, DCMC's, and other interested members

B. Develop and maintain a training course based on DCM related A.A. literature and The Service Manual.

C. Encourage all DCM's, DCMC's and other interested members to attend the DCM School.

District Committee Member (DCM) School Committee Guidelines

DCM/DCMC Information & Quick References

GSR and the Conference Structure