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The people listed below are MSCA Officers, Standing Committee and Sub-Committee Chairpersons, and a few others you might want to contact. To send an email to anyone on the list, click the blue email link and your computer's email program should pop up a pre-addressed, blank email for your message. If that doesn't happen, just type the person's address into your email program manually and proceed as usual.

Mailing Address: MSCA P.O. Box 51446, Irvine, CA 92619-1446

Accessibilities Chair - Patrick S.
Archivist - Mitchell B.
Archives Chair - Ryan R.
Archives Alt. Chair - Robert H.
Archives Secretary - Mary G.
CEC Chair - Gene H.
Chairperson - Hiro S..
Coffee person - Julius Y.
Comm Committee Chair - Don Smith
Comm Committee CoChair - Andrew A.
Convention Liaison - Jim B.
Corrections Chair - Josie F.
CPC Chair - Mindy R.
DCM School English - Nancy H.
DCM School Spanish - Jose F.
Delegate - Jesus O.
Delegate, Alt - Ed L..
Finance Committee Chair - Gregory J.
Grapevine Chair - Coty Q.
GSR School - Phil G.
GSR School, Spanish - Dario D.
Guidelines & Policies - Bob L.
La Viña Chair -Martin J.
Literature Chair English - Carlos I.
Literature Co-Chair, Spanish - Paco G.
Newsletter Chair - Joe C.
Public Info. Chair Spanish - Juan B..
Public Info. Chair - Evan J.
Registrar - Sharon K.
Registration Chair - Tammi R.
Secretary - Mitchell B..
Sound Chair - Rigo C.
Treasurer AP - Rich W.
Treasurer AR - Jose A.
Treatment Chair - Lynn M.
Webmaster - Rainer F.